About MemeOff

This gaming app will provide “Random Memes Generator” feature for beginners and “Custom Memes Creator” for users who want to create their own. Tournaments will be organized and sponsored with a Prize Pool that keeps on increasing depending on the number of contestants who joined and paid entry fees. Winners will be declared based on the number of votes.

Meme Tournaments

  • All users are welcome to join either as a contestant or a voter. User can opt in/out as voter.
  • Each paid tournament has an entry fee, contest duration, and main category or topic like politics, sports, showbiz, etc. Actual topics will be provided by the organizers each round.
  • Each tournament will also have a starting Prize Pool that will keep on increasing as users join the contest.
  • Users can also access completed tournaments.

One Tournament

  • It shows the different meme submissions of the contestants with a running tally of votes.
  • Users will be able to vote and tap the contestants username to see profile.
  • A vote can only vote once each round of the tournament.



“You can edit your profile info. Your profile shows account balance, winnings, memes created and tournaments joined. You can upload private memes which are not yet submitted in a contest.”
– Your Profile

“You can see other contestant’s profile. This shows meme creations of this contestant and tournaments joined by the contestant to other users / voters.”
– Other’s Profile


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